Sydney, Unseen

Wilmotte Williams (1916-1992) was famous for her “Paddington Terrace” street scenes. She loved the history they embraced & exuded. She did indeed have a spirited passion for Sydney’s history & old buildings; especially those in the heart of the city.

She was horrified if one was to be demolished, defaced or debased. The QVB was a prime example, left derelict for years in the 1950’s & 60’s. Such was the fervor for demolition & replacement at the time!

What was to be next – Sydney Town Hall, Central Station? Many buildings & theaters were destroyed to make way for the new. Heaven forbid, there was even a push to demolish the terraces in Potts Point & Paddington!

Wilmotte Williams did what she could to preserve our heritage & herald our future. She captured both on canvas!